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Rules - Scramble for Big Little JC



Date: Saturday April 6th

Place: High Meadows Ranch Golf Club. 37300 Golf Club Trial, Magnolia, TX.

Format: 2-man Scramble

Registration: 8:00 am

Welcome and Shotgun: 8:50 am.

1 | Pre-Tournament

  • We encourage players to show up at least 30 minutes before 9:00 am.

  • Mulligans will be available at the registration stand. Ask for our BIG LITTLE JC STROKE-SAVER PACKAGE.

  • Players will have complimentary balls for warm-up at the driver ranch.

  • Lunch will be provided during the award ceremony. Also, random raffles and share time together during and after the award ceremony.

  • Please plan accordingly.

2 | This is a F&F (Friendly and Fun) Tournament

  • Format: 2-man Scramble.

  • Each player tee off on each hole and then decide which tee shot they like the best and mark the spot with a tee or ball marker.

  • Once decide which ball play, the other player pick up his/her balls and place them within one club length (no closer to the hole) of the marked spot. Both team member hits their next shot from the chosen spot.

  • This procedure is followed on every shot for the remainder of the hole.

  • You may lift, clean, and place your ball within one club length on the selected shot; however, you may not move your ball out of a hazard (including bunkers), out of the rough, from the fairway, or rough to the apron or from the apron to the green.

  • The ball should be marked on the putting green. Once players have reached the green, the ball may not be placed to improve a player’s lie (it must be placed at the spot where it lies). This procedure will continue until the ball is holed out, with no gimmicks. Only one score per hole per team is to be recorded.

  • Hole (13) Longest drive contest.

  • Holes (5) & (11) Closest to the pin contest.


3 | Tee Box Color

  • Gold Tee Box [any player with <14 HDCP/6839 yrds].

  • Green Tee Box [6258 yrds] [rest of man handicap].

  • White Tee Box [5614 yrds] Ladies and Juniors.

  • Maroon Tee Box [4965 yrds] any person older than 65 years old.

4 | Players

Team players are allowed to move one club length 180° from the selected shot without taking advantage of distance.

5 | Boguey

“Bogey” is your friend, a score of 1 stroke over par on any individual hole.

The player must pick the ball and continue with his partner.

6 | Putting

There are no gimmes in this tournament play, and players are expected to always put out. However, please note the pace of play and remember that Bogey is your friend. Although every stroke is important, we ask that players do not spend excessive time lining up short putts.

7 | Scoring

  • All USGA rules should be used for scoring. Players should complete every hole.

  • Each scorecard must be completed with Gross Score.

  • Players are expected to complete every hole, except for “Bogey”.

  • When you pick up the ball without completing the hole, please mark the proper score (Bogey).

  • Players who have incomplete holes in their scorecard will be disqualified.

  • In the event of a tie-in score, a hole’s number will be drawn at random, and the team recording the lowest score on that hole will be declared the winner. In the event the score is still tied, a progression will begin from that hole until the tie is broken.

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